Case Study: Proteus Provides Turn Key Housing after Katrina


When emergencies and disasters occur around the globe, Proteus is there to provide what’s needed, from hot meals, hot showers and shelter to office space so businesses can resume operations. From the London subway bombings to wildfires in the American west, when communities need assistance, Proteus is there.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Proteus provided full-service accommodations for 1,000 first responders as well as constructing a temporary housing village for 1,500 people left homeless by the storm and the subsequent flooding.

Companies found it difficult to resume operation because employees were scattered across the region. Faced with the choice of huge expenditures to house employees in the area’s already overcrowded hotels or breach of contract due to uncompleted work, a Fortune 200 infrastructure service firm contacted Proteus about providing housing for its workers.

Within seven days, Proteus had constructed a complete village for 250 employees and 30 management personnel. Pleasant dormitories with raised flooring, hot showers, decontamination facilities and three hot, tasty and nutritious meals per day were provided along with recreation, dining and laundry facilities (with fluff and fold service). Proteus also established 24/7 security, a motor pool, power and fueling service and waste handling. In addition to living quarters, management and operational offices were constructed with full working capability. The village also included a bank, a medical office, a general store and an internet lounge with broadband internet access.

By providing a safe living and working environment, Proteus enabled its client company to regain operation control of its business, a key concern to business owners in any disaster situation.

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