De Boer All Weather Hall

The All-Weather Hall can be used for a multitude of storage needs. The unit is available in sizes ranging from 20 meters to 40 meters (65 to 130 feet) in width, with side heights ranging from 3 to 8 meters (8 to 26 feet). Modular sections, 3 or 4 meters (8 or 13 feet) in length, can be added to extend the hall.

The All-Weather Hall has been engineered to withstand severe winds and large snow loads. It is a good choice for all kinds of industrial storage as well as being fitted out as office or retail space. The All-Weather Hall can be fixed to the ground using base plates or concrete blocks, and can be installed with a concrete floor if desired. It comes standard with a PVC cover on the roof and both sides although cladding can be added to the sides as well.

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