Haitian Government Devastated

The January 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti destroyed buildings of every type and unleashed chaos on the entire country. Homes, schools, markets, churches and hospitals were completely ruined. The government buildings were not spared and thus everything that changed for the people of Haiti on January 12th also changed for the Haitian government.

The government buildings of Haiti, from the Presidential Palace to the Parliament and individual Ministries were completely demolished. In order to govern effectively people must be able to gather collectively to discuss, to strategize and to compromise. As devastating as the earthquake was to families and communities the ability of the government to operate was also disfigured.

Proteus On-Demand Facilities responded immediately to help resolve the grave situation.

Given an initial scope of providing a turn-key office for 200 workers at the Presidential Palace and being made completely operational within 10 days, Proteus designed a comprehensive solution to meet the need with speed, structural reliability and comfort to create an appropriate office environment.

Quickly the enthusiasm for Proteus office solution grew and the project was scaled up to include working space for nearly 500 workers extended over a total of 6 independent offices. Proteus has created 6 office buildings, 52 individual offices, 8 conference rooms and 6 reception areas spread throughout 4 locations.

Provision of satellite communications, telephony, network architecture, computers, phones and printers were incorporated into the accelerated installation schedule to achieve uptime as quickly as possible. Proteus provided power generation that tied to the utility grid with automatic transfer switches to accommodate both the voltage spikes and the blackouts. Proteus provided air conditioning, carpeting, insulation and tinted windows to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the new offices. Proteus managed the entire process from the initial scope of works including the many modifications.

In addition to managing the transportation of goods, working authorization, insurance and complete project management including overseeing the local services from debris removal to installation of the local power; Proteus set up and trained an entire local support organization for the provision of security, in country transportation, food services and housekeeping.

Initially, these offices were to be operational for 18 months; the time horizon has now been extended to 3 to 5 years.

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