Promoting Health and Safety

Proteus On-Demand Facilities see the importance of maintaining health and safety around the world. 

The CDC Foundation, who supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), celebrated its 15-Year Anniversary in December 2010.  The CDC builds programs to promote health and safety of all people both nationally and internationally.  Proteus On-Demand sees the need to fund the organization, in turn promoting health and safety in the United States as well as countries all over the world, whether it is through vaccines for people or animals, safe water, education or simply rebuilding public health in countries such as Haiti and Kenya. 

Proteus On-Demand sponsored Operation Crepsac Circle: Rebuilding Haiti One Child at a Time, which helped to rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January of 2010.  This effort was to provide children with their basic needs and also link Haitian orphans to willing families in the US for adoption. 

The Pakistan Flood Relief and Reconstruction Effort provided survivors of the horrific flood with clean water, food and shelter through the Human Development Foundation of North America.  Proteus On-Demand Supported this relief effort that was a result of the deadly floods of July 2010. 

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