Correctional Facility Solutions

Fast, Flexible and Affordable Solutions

Proteus On-Demand will work to meet your specific needs by providing additional space for inmate processing units, direct supervision dormitories, work release centers, treatment centers or even administration, renovation or emergency space.

Proteus can quickly alleviate common issues associated with permanent facility processes such as time constraints, needed funds, design and construction.  Just lease an affordable Proteus Correctional Facility for the length of time needed to complete your permanent facility and take care of your inmates “in-house” instead of outsourcing them to another facility at higher costs.

Because of Proteus' high quality and durable materials such as steel and aluminum frames with multi-layered membrane roof coverings, metal insulated walls and integrated raised cassette floor systems, our solutions can absorb significant wear and withstand the most stressful environments. Proteus sustainable structures and modular components can be assembled and relocated to accomodate virtually any use or facility need.

In 10 years of experience, Proteus has provided each client with a unique solution; including needs such as all interior furnishings, restroom facilities, alarms, video visitation and camera systems, support facilities, segregation cells and fencing.

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