Low Up Front Cost Proteus offers multiple leasing options & payment plans to reduce initial costs.

Affordable A low-cost alternative to boarding out inmates.

Flexible Lease Terms When and for how long you want it.

Experienced With 10 completed corrections projects in 6 states, Proteus has provided approximately 2,915 temporary beds.

Customer Service We provide immediate response with in-house support & local partners to resolve service issues.

Maximizes Current Support Facilities Add additional beds to your current facility utilizing your existing infrastructure.

Maintenance Included Proteus On-Demand can include structural and major system maintenance during the lease term.

Rapid Build Once on site, Proteus structures can be functional in 8 weeks or in as little as 72 hours in the event of an emergency.

Code Compliant Proteus structures meet or exceed specifications on temporary structures and can meet ACA, ADA and local IBC requirements.

Full Service Provider Proteus can provide comprehensive correctional products and additional services within the contract.

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