Proteus Partners with F4W


Proteus On-Demand Facilities & F4W Inc. Announce Partnership to Further Business Continuity during Emergencies

Companies collaborate on Disaster Relief & Recovery projects.

ATLANTA, GA – November 10, 2011- Proteus On-Demand Facilities and F4W Inc. announce today the integration of temporary facility solutions and interoperable communications solutions to ensure business continuity during emergency response, recovery and rebuilding.

Proteus and F4W first worked together following the Haiti earthquake in 2010 which demolished homes, schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Proteus On-Demand provided six semi-permanent office buildings in four locations to accommodate 500+ workers employed by the Presidential Palace and other ministries. Other necessary products and services were installed such as power generation, air conditioning, carpeting, insulation and tinted windows to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Proteus and F4W designed a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of the Haitian government with speed, structural reliability and comfort to create an appropriate office environment. F4W provided satellite-based communications networks, including: telephony, network architecture, computers, phones and printers and incorporated accelerated installation schedule to achieve uptime as quickly as possible.

Our company has been focused on low-cost, high value quick deployment of housing and other building needs in disaster response environments in many countries,” says John Keller, President of Proteus On-Demand Facilities. “We see a huge need for IT/communications solutions during emergency response, recovery, and rebuilding after disastrous events. Our partnership with F4W will strengthen our ability to serve our clients more effectively and meet their needs. “

Harry Timmons, President of F4W, added, “Our expertise in disaster response communications played a critical role in this partnership. John and his team provide a level of service and product I have yet to see in this space. I am proud to partner with him in order to deliver everything any agency would need to immediately restore operations, regardless of their location or circumstance.”

About Proteus On-Demand Facilities
Proteus On-Demand Facilities is a leading solution provider to organizations and agencies that require both immediate and semi-permanent buildings and facilities. Proteus collaborates with clients to create living and working space customized for specific needs. Utilizing fast and economical buildings with the furniture, HVAC and power, Proteus creates highly functional, turn-key solutions. Proteus On-Demand’s substantial inventory allows for a quick response and recovery for every circumstance by providing solutions from single structures to fully staffed and equipped operating camps. Proteus maintains constant readiness to serve communities in the event of a crisis or broad scale disaster by designing and providing fully integrated, semi-permanent, structural solutions for a wide range of needs such as housing, office space, retail stores, schools, hospitals, warehouses, call centers and distribution centers. For more information on Proteus On-Demand visit or call 877-533-2637.

About F4W
F4W is a communications company focused on developing simple, flexible, interoperable and affordable communications solutions. In doing so, we have invented new products and solutions that reduce the cost of communications, enabling us to provide feature-rich benefits to both private and public organizations that could not afford or operate comparable solutions. For more information, visit:

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