Hurricane Sandy – Business Continuity Toys“R”Us and Proteus On-Demand Facilities

Hurricane Sandy damaged and shut down thousands of businesses in the New York area. One of these organizations was the Toys”R”Us store in Caesars Bay, NY. On the waterfront and heavily damaged, they needed a retail facility as quickly as possible, especially with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

Proteus On-Demand Facilities came to the rescue. Bringing together City Officials, Toys“R”Us management, architects and engineers; Proteus was able to obtain special permitting for the temporary facility and in just five days Proteus built a secure, climate controlled 11,000 square foot prime retail store that Toys”R”Us will use for the next 6 to 8 months.

The store reopened at 8am on Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving ensuring that Toys“R”Us will be available to the community for the entire Christmas season. In addition to saving the employees jobs, the community will benefit by Toys“R”Us continuing presence and from the continuous collection of local sales tax revenue.

“We are proud of the opportunity to help Toys”R”Us achieve their goal and open in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Our Business Continuity Team is very gratified to support Toys“R”Us and to help the local community recover from Hurricane Sandy,” says Gordon Machielsen, Business Development, Proteus On-Demand Facilities.

“To have barely any business interruption given the intensity and devastation of the storm is really amazing,” said Hon. Michael Balboni, former Secretary for Public safety for New York State. “Proteus provides just in time shelter to keep people safe and business in business.” he concluded.

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