A Tradition of Quality and Service

Proteus On-Demand’s company story began at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. That event marked De Boer’s entrance into the U.S. market, and afterward it was decided that De Boer should maintain a presence in America. Vinings Structures, LLC became the exclusive provider for De Boer solutions within the U.S., operating under the name De Boer Vinings.

Eventually it became clear that the U.S. market differed in significant ways from De Boer’s European customers. The Proteus brand was established to allow greater flexibility in meeting the needs of De Boer Vinings’ U.S. clients. Building on the high quality and innovation of De Boer solutions, Proteus began adding select products and service capability.

Proteus On-Demand is known as a best of breed provider in Premium Event Solutions. In addition to the necessary structures, and specialty functional equipment Proteus provides project management, organizes logistics and facilitates the integration of facilities to ensure smooth installation and operation regardless of duration.

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