IT and Communications

Proteus On-Demand can provide for all your IT, communications, and data needs.  Not only do we supply satellite communications, but also software packages that can accommodate GIS style large file transfers as well as instant broadcast alerts and instant messages for large numbers of users.

Software packages, supplied by F4W, build a line of certified off the shelf communication products that can be custom configured to meet the requirements of any specific number of users.  Out of the box, F4W systems can be deployed by anyone without any training and can supply the majority of your needs associated with disaster response including: Emergency Services, Remote Camps, and fast full-service deployment for critical response.

Communications "cafes" can be set up with phone and internet use for survivors of disasters. These areas can be used as distributed recovery areas for survivors and responders.  Mobile satellite vehicles can also be brought to the disaster site to get your company back up and running within minutes. These communiction vehicles can instantly create WANs and LANs for existing buildings or temporary disaster relief and recovery tents. Instant command centers can be set up with mobile trailers or communications packages can be deployed to necessary locations.

In addition to the services provided, Proteus can provide laptops ruggedized/non-ruggedized, PC’s, monitors, printers, facsimiles, office supplies, cable television services and generators. Provision of satellite communications, network architecture, data security and cell phone charging stations can be also integrated into the installation process.

Proteus is also capable of supplying your company with data colocation and security.  Colocation is the redundancy and continuity of your business from data to services to executive function that gives you the protection and back up you need in case of a disaster. 



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