Proteus On-Demand is Quick to Respond to Cholera Epidemic


ATLANTA, Georgia – October 27, 2010 - After an earthquake devastated Haiti in January of 2010, a disastrous epidemic has spread throughout the countryside of Haiti and into the streets of Port Au Prince: Cholera.  According to United Nations, the outbreak has killed 284 Haitians and infected 3,769 more. 

With the number of people suffering from Cholera growing, the hospitals are overcrowded and special beds are needed to care for the sick.

Proteus On-Demand Facilities, located in Austell, GA has quickly responded to the outbreak and supplied 1000 Cholera beds to USAID, which will be delivered to Haiti in approximately one week.  “We are proud to take action to aid the victims of the Cholera outbreak in Haiti,” states John Keller, President of Proteus. “Although it is a horrendous reason to have work, we can hope that the small role that we are playing, well executed, will allow some comfort to the ill and to possibly help save lives.”  

This is the second time Proteus has responded to disaster in Haiti this year.  After the earthquake, Proteus provided six semi-permanent office buildings along with ancillary products such as furniture, satellite communications, telephony, network architecture and computers, to keep the government operating in the midst of crisis.  This project was also funded by the USAID and the World Bank.

Because of substantial investment in assets, Proteus is able to respond quickly to many different emergency needs with fully, turn-key solutions.  Proteus maintains constant readiness to provide complete emergency shelters, meals and hygienic services for businesses or communities in the event of a crisis or broad scale disaster. For more information about our Company please visit our website at

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Proteus On-Demand Facilities

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