MLB All-Star Game

St. Louis, MO - 2009

Proteus On-Demand Facilities constructed several temporary structures at Busch Stadium, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, for the 2009 All-Star game.  The 80th midseason exhibition game between the All-Stars of the National League and the American League took place on July 14, 2009. 

For the main event, The Commissioner’s Gala, a Jumbo tent and a large Alu Hall were constructed to comfortably accommodate approximately 5,500 VIP guests.  The 40m x 80m (34,322 sq ft) Jumbo tent and the two 15m x 20m (3,234 sq ft) Alu Halls were built to showcase St. Louis’ rich history in five geographically themed “neighborhoods”.  Guests, including friends, family and partners of MLB associated organizations, enjoyed a taste of local food, wine, music and custom scenery.  The large clear span tents were also used to entertain guests with rock n’ roll legend Chuck Berry and hip-hop artist Nelly.

The Jumbo tent and Alu Halls featured lockable doors with emergency push bar egress, safety packages, ramps, high bay lights and for safety, were anchored 3’4” into the ground. The façade was covered with smoked glass panels and the remaining sides were encased with rigid PVC wall panels.

Two catering and service tents were constructed with rigid PVC side panels, raised cassette floor system, low bay lights, and was topped with a PVC roof covering.  The 2,152 sq ft Alu Halls were 10m x 20m and 8m x 25m. 

Two 20’ x 20’ high peak soft- side walled tents were built for EMS and Security Headquarters.

Proteus tent builders constructed these seven temporary structures in just six days and dismantled in three days.


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