The Gala Awards have been given by Special Events Magazine, the premier industry publication, since 1986, when the awards honored the "top 10 events of 1985." They recognize the finest work in special events worldwide.

For the 2011 Gala Awards, the magazine received nearly 340 entries in 35 categories from Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Spain and the United States of America.

Members of the Special Events Magazine Advisory Board, made up of leaders in the event profession, spent two days in October at the magazine’s offices in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), California, to select the finalists. Nominated entries went through three rounds of judging. The winners will be chosen at The Special Event 2012 in Tampa, Fla., which runs Jan. 24-27.

The Gala Awards will be given out on Jan. 27 at a black-tie gala ceremony at The Special Event 2012.

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Proteus wins Special Events Magazine Gala Award

Every year, the Special Events Magazine Gala Awards honor the best-planned, most beautifully designed events in 35 categories. In 2007, Proteus took home the award for Best Tent Installation: Tent Budget $75,000 and Above.

Proteus won the award for its stellar job providing processing, educational, entertainment and merchandising spaces for a General Motors experiential marketing venue known as “The Drive.” This one-of-a-kind event, called “autotainment” by GM, wowed customers with its elaborate accommodations and the opportunity for customers to get some track time in GM vehicles.

The event required nearly 14,000 square feet of tented space to showcase several top GM vehicles. Three tents made of PVC, aluminum and steel comprised the space for the year long event. A new structure design, dubbed the Vista, debuted in America and offered shade from the desert heat with a 20-foot open side and some 200 smoked-glass windows. Two Vista Structures were fully integrated with the massive De Boer Euro Jumbo, to create a 50 meter clear span area with an interesting roofline and of course full HVAC to combat the desert heat.

De Boer Emperor wins Innovation Award at Prestigious Pertexa Awards

As a leading supplier to the events and hospitality sectors, De Boer prides itself on constantly introducing new and innovative products. These efforts were recognized at the 2007 Performance Textiles Association (Pertexa) Awards.

The multi-functional Emperor marks a new generation of double-deck structures, with an arched roof and covered viewing balconies on all four sides. Wood replaces the aluminum frame in exposed sections to give the structure a warmer ambience. It is an ideal facility for conferences, product launches or hospitality.

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