Sage Valley Junior Invitational

Graniteville, SC - 2011

In April 2011, fifty-four of the top amateur golfers from 18 countries competed in a three day tournament in Graniteville, South Carolina.  Sage Valley Golf Club, a Tom-Fazio designed course, hosted the inaugural Junior Invitational.  Electrolux, the main sponsor, covered tournament and travel expenses for the players.

Electrolux sponsored a 15m x 20m (3,300 sq ft) Alu Hall temporary structure to showcase its premium kitchen appliances.  Guests were able to view various products, test their golf skills on a miniature putting green, golf simulator and Nintendo Wii, as well as watch the excitement on TV and have their picture taken.  Electrolux used kitchen appliances to perform cooking demonstrations for the guests, which allowed them to enjoy refreshing beverages and snacks while browsing through the displays.

This temporary structure had an anti-skid plate floor system with 10 foot glass panel side walls, double push bar glass doors, HVAC, power generators and safety packages.  Additionally, a 20’ x 20’ Chalet and custom built deck was used to form a covered terrace with diagonal deck tiles for floor covering.  Top of the line, interior liner was imported from Europe, sewn to custom fit, and manually installed in both the roof and non-glazed walls of the Alu Hall as well as the roof of the Chalet for a crisp, modern look.  VIP skirting was installed at the base of the structures to create a clean, polished structure. Custom handrails, steps, and terrace extension was built by a Proteus carpenter.  A 66 linear feet walkway was used to connect the main sponsor structure to other sponsor structures.  The structures were built in three days by the Proteus team and dismantled in two days.

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