Simplifying Selection Process with New Smart Phone App

Proteus On-Demand is now a part of the new smart phone app, My Event Tent, which was developed by the Tent Rental Division to help event planners, designers and venues select the correct tent for their event.  This app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market of the Apple App Store. View how it works on YouTube.

Event planners will be able to request quotes for temporary structures and tents by giving information about the event such as location, number of people, type of event, and desired accessories.  The app will automatically calculate the needed tent size and send a quote to the tent company listed in those zip codes. 

“We are very excited to be a part of this new smart phone application” says Gordon Machielsen, Sports and Hospitality Manager of Proteus On-Demand Facilities.  “Because of increasing use of technology, we see the importance of staying up-to-date within our industry.  This app will help us to better understand our customer’s needs and fulfill RFPs in a timely manner.” 

The Event Tent App was developed by the Tent Rental Division, an association for tent manufacturers, vendors and rental companies.  Their idea was to encompass all suppliers and their specifications to provide access to event planners who are on the go the majority of the time.  The app helps to simplify the process, while at the same time, maintaining a professional manner.

The Tent Rental Division is a niche association whose members manufacture tents, rent tents, supply accessories and provide equipment to the commercial tent rental industry. Members pledge to foster safety, quality and creativity for the public in tented events. For more information about the association and its members, visit


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