Case Study: Correctional Facility Expansion in Fort Walton County, Florida

State, county and municipal correctional facilities must comply with federal regulations regarding space allotted per inmate. Increasing population loads make this difficult, but Proteus has a solution. With a combination of Flex Units and special-purpose structures, Proteus provides a highly cost-effective solution that can be in place and operational in a matter of weeks and can last for extended periods of time.

Walton County Florida had begun construction on a new jail, but its space problem required a more immediate solution. Proteus provided a 12 x 15 meter Alu Hall as a new Male Trustee Facility. Secure and fully functional, the facility housed 35 inmates.

Six months later, the facility was dismantled and a larger structure was built on the opposite side of the prison campus. The second structure was a 15 x 15 meter facility which housed 85 inmates.

Within nine months, the Walton County Board of Commissioners had contracted with Proteus for female inmate space. The Female Trustee Facility was constructed using another Alu Hall, 15 x 20 meters.

All three facilities included prison grade steel lock down cells with a security fascia barrier, open sanitary units, open shower units, 25 double steel bunk beds with mattresses, HVAC units, lighting and carpeting.

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