Three Presidents and Secretary of State Open Industrial Park in Haiti

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Haitian President Michel Martelly and Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno took part in the official inauguration of the Caracol Industrial Park (CIP), a modern manufacturing facility in northern Haiti.

The CIP is a project that is backed by the Haitian and U.S. Governments and the IDB to promote investment and job-creation in a region beset by poverty and unemployment. Once fully developed, the industrial park may host as many as 40,000 workers, whose salaries would inject millions of dollars into the local economy.

President Clinton, who has been working since before the 2010 earthquake to attract more investment to Haiti, said the CIP would not only create jobs but also attract other development investments, becoming "an economic anchor for the region". He also said that this project is a testimony that if you want to help a country structurally, that it can only work by decentralizing.

The last visit of the Clintons to Haiti together was in 1975 on their honeymoon. "We've had a deep connection with Haiti ever since," Hillary Clinton said. This trip was her third to Haiti since the earthquake, and there have been more than a dozen visits by her husband, who was co-chairman of an earthquake recovery panel before its mandate ended a year ago. "I've been here so much I'm sure I owe taxes to the Haitian government," he joked.

Actors Sean Penn and Ben Stiller, fashion designer Donna Karan and British business magnate Richard Branson were among the luminaries at the opening of the new Caracol Industrial Park.

“It was a fantastic occasion to be part of such an unique moment,” says Theo den Bieman, CEO of Proteus On-Demand. “Because of the structural contributions that will provide so many job opportunities, Haiti will be able to develop a region by this decentralization and it will give relief to the crowded capital of Port-au-Prince. Proteus On-Demand is very proud to play a small part in the structural development of this beautiful country.”

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