Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Receives Hero Award 2012

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter received the 2012 CDC Foundation Hero Award at a ceremony on October 18 at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC Foundation honors President Carter for three decades of visionary leadership focused on building international public-private partnerships to save lives, reduce suffering and provide hope for millions of the world’s poorest people, as well as for his commitment to achieving a more peaceful and healthy world for us all.


The Carter Center, based in Atlanta, became the lead organization in the international effort to eradicate Guinea worm disease, largely by focusing on education and improving access to safe drinking water. Jimmy Carter rallied support and inspired top political leaders and village elders. The disease once affected an estimated 3.5 million people in 21 countries and in 2012 is expected to have less than 600 cases reported.


"President Carter’s vision and leadership have improved health, reduced suffering, and increased the security of millions of people throughout the world," says Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC Director. "We at CDC are privileged to partner with President Carter and The Carter Center on many health initiatives that build hope for so many every day.  President Carter’s commitment and drive have made it possible for countless people worldwide to live long, healthy, and productive lives."


“Proteus on-Demand supports the CDC globally,” says Theo den Bieman, CEO of Proteus on-Demand. “The CDC does a fantastic job and it is an honor to witness the former president receive this award.”

Theo den Bieman with Jimmy Carter


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