Comfortable Living Accommodations

Comfortable living accommodations are an important element in people’s lives.  Proteus Flex has the experience and the modular building systems to create comfortable housing in both short or long term applications. Single family detached housing or multiple dwelling buildings are available as you specify and in very short order. We have created dormitories, worker housing, family housing and assisted living facilities with full EUFAS and ADA compliance. Let us co-develop a living solution that fits your aesthetic, functional and budget requirements.

If local activities such as conventions or sporting events cause a spike in hotel demand, expand your capacity to meet the needs and gain the profits. Proteus has experience with creating well-appointed temporary hotel facilities that satisfy discriminating tastes.

Proteus products have been used to create temporary hotel accommodations at Le Mans for Audi, Bentley, and MG Rover, as well as providing a temporary extension to the Ramada Hotel.

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