Case Study: Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles

Long Term Lease:

Family reunions, weddings, and corporate holiday parties were the driving force behind the 3 month lease for the Westfields Marriott Proteus Ballroom.  Each winter the Westfields Marriott experiences a surge in event space demands.  Their Sunset Terrace is utilized through the mild Virginia months to meet group demands, however during the frigid winter months the terrace is unusable because of the cold weather.

The Sunset Terrace at the Westfields Marriott occupies a secluded area next to the hotel on uneven terrain, which posed a challenge when moving in two tractor trailer loads of structure material.  Due to limited access, most materials were carried in by hand.  Another key element of the terrace is its crescent shaped steps and perimeter wall.  To create the most event space possible, we raised the entire structure 24 inches to build over the top of the first set of steps. 

Three Chalets and one Alu Hall created the maximum ballroom space of 5,000 square feet on the Sunset Terrace.  Smoked glass panels provided a majestic view of the illuminated trees for guests within the Temporary Ballroom.  Raised and level subfloors along with plush carpeting, custom heated walkway, chandeliers, and warm propane heat kept guests comfortable during their winter gatherings.  The Westfields Marriott sales team was also pleased because they continued strong group sales numbers during an otherwise space limited season.

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