Case Study: Atlanta Perimeter Center Marriott

Permanent Installation:

With growing group markets around North Atlanta, the Atlanta Perimeter Center Marriott was in need of additional event space to maintain their competitive edge.  After several meetings, we determined the required square footage (4,000 sq. ft.), the area on-site that best allowed a smooth integration to their existing facility's resources (back side near rear entrance), the look that they wanted to achieve (Alu Hall with glass entry), and the technical requirements necessary to acquire a permanent permit status (fire alarm and sprinkler system).

To begin the project a 24 inch footing wall was poured to create a stable and level building surface.  A steel floor joist system was installed on the wall with tongue and groove sub-floors.  Next, the structure was built.  White powder coated metal panels were installed along with smoked glass panels and double pus-hbar doors. 

After day two of the build, the structure was in the dry.  Then came the finishing items such as (2) 400 sq. ft. storage/prep. rooms, (2) 25 ton HVAC units, insulated duct work that was routed under the raised sub-floors, plush carpeting, electrical outlets, lighting truss with Parnel lights and control console, integrated fire alarm system with pull stations and strobes, integrated sprinkler system, custom interior liner, and custom awning for covered passage to and from the new ballroom facility.

In total, the site prep took several weeks, along with two weeks for the ballroom to reach completion.

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