Long Term Leasing

Exciting revenue opportunities are a considerable plus when exploring a Proteus Long Term Ballroom.  By utilizing a one month or one year lease, you can maximize your ROI and create space to achieve consistent large group sales. 

A Proteus Long Term Ballroom allows you to customize the exterior and interior facades to create a favorable perception for your clients to enjoy.  Many hotels we work with receive compliments from their guests that they did not realize they were inside a temporary structure.

Proteus Structures are engineered to accept all types of interior lighting, flooring, climate control, electrical outlets, fire sprinkler systems, integrated fire alarm systems, insulated walls and ceilings, and more.  In today's energy conscious and safety minded world we stay on the leading edge of new technologies to ensure all measures have been taken to create the safest and most reliable ballroom for you and your guests to enjoy.

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