Permanent Installation

Secure, uncompromising quality, reliable, and long lasting are a few words that describe a Proteus Permanent Ballroom.  A Proteus Permanent Ballroom gives you the ability to add elegant and functional space to your existing facility at a fraction of the price and timeline that you would encounter when utilizing traditional construction methods.

Today's group market demands are specific and space aggressive.  On a daily basis, sales teams experience the pressures of meeting their client’s demands.  With a Proteus Permanent Ballroom you are able to create additional space to relieve the pressure on your sales team and to meet the market’s space aggressive demands.  Instead of scrambling to convert board rooms and other supporting spaces into convention halls, you can permanently solve your space stresses by purchasing a permanent ballroom solution for your recurring space needs.

Proteus Permanent Ballrooms are moderately priced for the surprising quality you receive.  Our clients use their permanent ballrooms year round to increase their group sales revenue.  In most cases the new revenue generated covers the costs within six to twelve months.

Imagination is the only limitation that we encounter when creating the interior and exterior facades.  Along with amazing aesthetic appeal, there are virtually limitless options for climate control, life safety, audio visual, and wall systems.  No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with a Proteus Permanent Ballroom that will allow you to increase your group closing rates while generating new revenue.

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