Short Term Leasing

Fast build and dismantle without compromising quality and elegance are standard features that you can expect when leasing a Proteus Short Term Ballroom.  From 400 to 400,000 square feet, utilizing a Proteus Short Term Ballroom has provided many hotels and resorts the ability to resolve double booking issues, general ballroom space shortages, and specific group client needs.

Local event space market demands tend to spike with weekend festivals, business conferences, trade shows, or during peak wedding and family reunion seasons.  We understand how quickly your event space needs can change and we are always ready to provide fast, reliable, and quality solutions for any application that you might require.

Proteus Structures are specifically engineered with raised sub-flooring to prevent rain water seepage and to provide a stable and level surface for carpeting or hard-wood.  Rigid PVC wall panels, smoked glass panels, double push-bar glass doors, and interior liner are additional Proteus standards that create atmosphere and facades that are sure to impress.

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